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Hit  Polish Angling Association in District Zielona Góra

Author: Okręg PZW
Topic: Articles in English
Publishing date:26.7.02 13:26

Informations about District of Zielona Gora. Published by Polish Angling Association in Zielona Góra

Logo Stowarzyszenia PZW
District PZW Zielona Góra which came into being in 1954, and now is one from the greatest of 48 PZW Districts in our country. At the end of 1999 we had over 25.000 members in 140 local sections divided onto 7 regions: Krosno Odrzańskie, Nowa Sól, Sulechów, Świebodzin, Wolsztyn, Zielona Góra and Żary. We are working in the borders of the former Zielonogórskie province (middle-west of Poland), mainained exclusively by the membership fees. We manage on over 5.000 hectare of the rivers, the lakes, the dam reservoirs and of the little waters, which we stock with 30 tones of fry originating mostly from the our two fish farms in Zabór and Trzebule. Our reservoirs are protected against poaching by over the 380 guards of Social Fishing Guard, cooperating with State Fishing Guard and with the police. We can boast with strongly developed sports - activity. Except large quantities of the ours local sections we support at the different way 23 spinning and float angling clubs. Several of the our sport anglers are the members of The National Competitor. Members of our District occupy front places on the all-Polish rank contests. We organize every year over 30 angling contests in different disciplines, and some of them are about national range . Most well-known from them is "The Gold Fish Contest" (in this year we got XXXIX edition) - the greatest angling feast in Poland. We hold also regular, friendly international contacts with anglers from DAV Frankfurt/Oder and from region Abruzzo in Italy. Our District is a part of so-called "First Zone" which is agreement of the several District PZW in western Poland in matter of honouring of payments for fishing. Moreover us, this zone is composed by Districts PZW: Piła, Koszalin, Słupsk, Szczecin and Legnica. We possess our own hostel base - two hotels in middle-age defensive gates in Łagów and fish farm in Zabór and the farms driven by ours some local sections.

Additional information: office@pzw.zgora.pl

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