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Hit  Angling in Gdańsk District

Author: Okręg PZW
Topic: Articles in English
Publishing date:04.7.02 12:13

Informations about charges for fishing in District of Gdansk. Published by Gdańsk District of Polish Angler's Association

We would like to inform you that foreigners staying in Poland temporarily have right to angle in generally accessible waters of Gdańsk District of Polish Angler's Association at the same rules as members of the Association.
They are not obliged to have Angler's Card but they must pay obligatory fee and have confirmation of payment with them while fishing.
There are many forms of that fee to choose, these two are the most popular:

Fee Lowland waters Mountain waters**
Year 2002 (01.01 - 31.12.2002) 234 56 65 339 81 94
1-day  30 7 8 60 14 16

*this value is added ONLY to compare usd/eur with "zloty". You MUST pay it in PLN.
**IF you have a Mountain-waters fee, you can fishing Lowlands too.

For any additional information concerning rivers, lakes and fees in our district please write to pzw@pzw.gda.pl. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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Comment List

Topic: Author:
Angling in Gdańsk District
Marek Stryk 04.7.02 15:31
I am afraid that you make yourselves ridiculous when offering foreigners trout fishing in such waste and deprived of fish waters for PLN 420 per week.
You should, at least, consider offering 3 or 7 -days licence at more competitive price.
     Odp: Angling in Gdańsk District
Kuba 04.7.02 20:10
Foreginers do not know...:-(
Now they have a chance to think it over.

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