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Hit  The fishing regulations in Poland

Author: Polish Angling Association
Topic: Stowarzyszenie PZW
Publishing date:25.10.03 14:32

The angler who goes fishing has to take account of the law.

Before fishing it is essential to obtain a rod licence and a separate permit of a water authority for the certain area (and sometimes for adjoining areas), which allow the holder to fish. The inland waters are controlled by The Polish Angling Association, water-companies, fishermen cooperatives and also by private persons.

Logo Stowarzyszenia PZW
It is required to observe the legal regulations concerning fishing.

Children to 14 years old are relieved of possessing a rod licence, but they are allowed to fish only under supervision of adults who hold licences and water authorities permissions. Licences are issued by the Polish administrative unit after passing special exams in fishing rules and regulations. The examinations are organized by local anglers' clubs.

Members of The Polish Angling Association pay a membership subscription and a fee for local waters preservation and stocking them with fry. It allows to fish local waters (and adjoining areas). Before fishing it is needed to check what areas the permit is valid for. It is obviously possible to pay additional fee which allows to fish coarse waters controlled by The Polish Angling Association all over the country.

The list of those waters is enclosed to Wykaz wód nizinnych Polskiego Związku Wędkarskiego. Game fishing waters require separate contribution.

Foreigners and non-members of the Polish Aangling Association just pay special fees (see: Tabela składek na ochronę i zagospodarowanie wód - LEGEND: nizinne-lowland river; górskie-mountain river; roczne- for 1 year; 1 dz. - for 1 day; N.Z. - foreigners and non-members.

It is possible to remit money to the bank account by postal order, after coordination with the local water authority.

For more information please contact the proper body (see: Adresy Zarządów Okręgów Polskiego Związku Wędkarskiego.

All anglers who fish waters controlled by The Polish Angling Associatio should respect legal rules and fishing regulations, especially fish limits and the close season dates (it concers to several species). While fishing waters controlled by other body than the PAA anglers should follow the local regulations. Anglers should be informed about the rules before they start fishing.

Both sides of a boat used for fishing must be marked with registration plates, well-visible from the distance. (Attention! There are many boat-houses leasing out boats with no registration plates on sides.)

If you take account of the law,you'll have enjoyable fishing.

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